Give and Take

To end PD awareness month, this is short and sweet….

Before you continue reading…. Make no mistake about it, I want a cure for PD.  However, I would not give back the last three years of my life…ok…now continue…

In my first blog three years ago, I said that I would not let my PD define me, but that is impossible. I face it every day and I have changed.  However, not in a way you envision.  Yes, I have seen some progression in my symptoms but there is more to it.  I look at life differently.  Every day is a day of small goals.  I take do not take anything or anyone for granted. I try to be present in my life…….in that moment.  I participate in studies, educate myself and share my story with the hope that I may make a difference in the lives of others with PD.

While PD is a disease that takes and takes over a period of time, I hope this blog was able to show that my journey with Young Onset PD has given me and my “family” some things as well….dancing, new friends, better relationships, road trips, family adventures and a different perspective on what life has waiting for us.

I have had some requests to not wait three years to blog again so watch for posts every once in awhile.  For now, I must end with a dance reference …. “If you stumble, make it a part of the dance.”


Until next time…


“Be kind.  For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  -Plato

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